Friday, November 30, 2012

frugal friday

It's Friday and we have a weekend full of football here in the south.  The SEC championship game is always in Atlanta, so the crowds are big enough to make you want to leave, but since the Georgia Bulldogs have made the cut, our city will be filled to the brim with all the crazed fans.  Being a Florida State fan, I will be sure to stay in my apartment most of Saturday.  We play at 8pm against Georgia Tech.  How convenient.

Sadly, most of the things I've been eyeing lately are well over my $30 dollar mark for a frugal friday post, but I did remember one little item I recently purchased that I just can't get enough of.  Simple, reasonable, and so perfect for everyday, I found these initial necklaces on Pinterest and immediately ordered myself one.  At $32 they make the perfect gift for yourself or others and the mixed metals allow for versatility, while the simplicity is ideal for layering and mixing with other jewelry.

 gold chain + silver initial [the combo I have]

silver chain + gold initial

Thursday, November 29, 2012

look for less

I haven't done a look for less post in awhile, and if we're being honest, I haven't done a post in general for awhile.  My apologies.  I've been completely overwhelmed with work, travel, holidays, and so much more, but I'm slowly trying to get back on track!  I didn't do much shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and actually didn't buy anything for CM until late at night, when I found the bracelet in this here post discounted to a fraction of the one that's been holding my eye for almost a year.  Meet J.Crew's pave link bracelet.  If you are unfamiliar with this bracelet you may be living under a rock. 

Every blogger I follow seems to sport it, or one similar, but I have been hell bent on not spending $125 on a bracelet I know is worth maybe $30 [there's a first time for everything people].  Apparently the glass they use justifies a $40 price difference.  My love for J.Crew still remains, it's just a little tarnished after seeing such a ridiculous price tag.  Therefore, I've been searching endlessly for a look-a-like version, but most of them are still higher than I wanted to pay.  UNTIL good ol' Ann Taylor came out with their Evelyn Lauder link bracelet that looks identical to le crew's, but [preferably] lays flat on your wrist. 

FYI Ann Taylor almost always has some kind of discount going on.  Mine was 40% for CM, but they do 40% frequently and I recommend using the discount online because in store they tend to not honor discounts on items that go to charity [calm down people, online still gives the money to charity, so you're not hurting anyone].  This gem is $68 full price, putting it right at $40 after the discount.  I'll take it.

If you're wanting an exact look-a-like though, here are a few I found online for a little more:

Here, here, here, and here's just a joke of a price...and from Target nonetheless.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

Quick post to inform you of the notable CM deals:

C.Wonder - extra 50% sale + free shipping [no code needed]

J.Crew - 25% off + free shipping, no minimum [code MONDAY]

gorjana - 40% off [code CYBER40]


Tobi - 40% off [code GOBBLE40]

Ann Taylor - 40% off [code MONDAY]

Piperlime/Athleta - 20% off [code CYBER]

GAP, BR, ON - 30% off [code CYBER]

Ann Taylor Loft - 50% off [code TODAYONLY]

Nine West - 20% off one item, 30% off 2+ [no code needed]

Boutique to You - 30% off [code CYBER30]

Emerson Fry - 20% off [code CYBERMONDAY2012]

Calypso St. Barth - 50% off sale [no code needed]

Steve Madden - 30% off + free shipping [code HOLIDAYS30]

JewelMint - 50% off [code BFGET50]

StyleMint - 40% off [no code needed]

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I may not broadcast everything I'm thankful for on Facebook, but then again, I tend not to broadcast much of my opinion and beliefs on the book.  I believe it's more of a stalking tool than a "no one cares" life detail update.  I always look forward to Thanksgiving though, spending the holiday with family friends and catching up with everyone back home.  The things I am thankful for are mostly intangible, although if you read this blog you may think otherwise.  Be happy with what you have and work for things you want.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoys the time spent with those that mean the most as the holiday season kicks off!

Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm delayed in this frugal Friday post mostly due to the fact that today was my office's Thanksgiving and I have been in a food coma the entire afternoon.  I recently have been on a sweater kick when I realized the sweaters I have been hoarding over the years are disgusting.  I'm weird about the fit of sweaters, but have been trying to incorporate different styles, colors, and textures into my wardrobe to last a little longer.  I can only wear my button-downs under so many sweaters before people start thinking I'm a man, not just a preppy female with an aesthetic for menswear.  I've pinned, saved, and stared at a particular ASOS sweater for some time now, but didn't want to pay the $60 price tag.  This may seem silly, since $60 isn't horribly outrageous for a sweater, but I find I don't wear them as much as I should and hence was trying to wait for it to drop.  Well it did, to a nice $35 and then with the discount code USASOS10, my new sweater cost me around $30.  I'll take it!  And now I'm more excited about my new purchase.  Now, I just have to wait for this one to go on sale [and get restocked].

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pink & Pepper

I stumbled across a new affordable shoe line, Pink & Pepper, with some seriously cute choices.  As of right now, the shoes are available at the following places: Macy's, DSW, Alloy, Delia's, and  I don't know much about the brand, as they don't have a website, but check them out!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

in the meantime...

My latest hunt has been for the perfect handbag that has both a crossbody strap and an arm strap....oh, and isn't too big that it takes off my neck when using said crossbody strap, but isn't too small that I can't fit anything I constantly carry.  Too much?  Well, that's probably why it's taking me a lifetime to find one.  So far, Marc by Marc Jacobs has the top position, I'm just waiting for some kind of discount code to give me a break on his $400+ price tags.  One can hope friends, one can hope.  In the meantime though, I discovered this amazingly chic, affordable satchel from Olivia + Joy that I may just have to get to tide me over.

Friday, November 9, 2012

kind of frugal...

Today I needed to get out of the office.  Besides not being able to kick whatever cough/annoying illness I have had for the last two weeks, I just wanted fresh air...and to buy something.  I've had my eye on Madewell's Skimmers in leopard for awhile as my replacement pair for the Target gem I found a few years back that I've completely worn through [now in my bar shoes pile].  I've been searching for literally months, trying to find another pair with NO detailing.  It's been impossible and then I saw this Madewell pair and was just waiting for a discount code.  Well, I got that discount code [25% off $150+ purchase until Sunday] and marched into the store.  I have never found so many things I've wanted from Madewell.  Everything below I tried on today and wanted to take home immediately.  I'll probably eventually purchase everything below, but I must take it easy on le old bank accounto.

Lately I've realized that I'm getting older and am accepting my laziness with open arms, thus wearing flats and mini-wedges all. the. time.  These are perfect to dress up an outfit or just add a cute detail to a casual one.

I am obsessed with the cut of these sweaters.  The curved and split sides not only flatter you, but add an unexpected detail to a normal looking sweater.  And the buttons...those little details get me every time.

This little lace top was adorable.  I tried on the black and cream versions, preferring the cream one, but the detail was more visible in the black for a picture.

I passed by this sweater 3 times and each time I stopped and held it up.  Eventually I just stopped and took it to try on.  LOVE.  The entire back is striped and the camel color is more tan in person.  It looked great with my new black pants below and the leopard flats.

I have a pair of straight black pants that I have worn to death.  They aren't denim, and they aren't a dress pant material, but they are so comfortable and flattering.  I refuse to get rid of them, but knew that eventually I'd have to break down and get another pair of something.  I despise jeggings and a lot of the black pants I've tried on are a mix of the horrible thing I mentioned a few words ago.  I figured I'd try for super dark black denim in a straight cut and these were the closest I've found. 

Finally, the main event, the leopard flats that I'd been searching for for months.  Here they are people.  And FYI, in store these babies are 25% off and then if you spend the $150, they give you ANOTHER 25% off again.  Jackpottttt.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have been patiently waiting for Narciso Rodriguez's line with DesignNation for Kohl's to launch for months now, ever since the celebrities started sporting the designs earlier in the summer.  I have been more than satisfied with the various items/designer lines that I've purchased from Kohl's in the past, so this collaboration was at the top of my list.  Mostly because Mr. Rodriguez is known for his impeccably chic, flattering lines and simple cutes and styles.  I was setback from perusing his line right when it launched at 7am due to some computer problems [mini meltdown], but now am happily on my way.  Icing on the cake?  The line is 30% off right now for its launch.

Friday, November 2, 2012

This is how I feel after this week...

I've been sick since Tuesday and have so much to do this weekend.  No bueno.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nordy HYS

It's that time again people for Nordstrom's Women's Half-Yearly sale.  I've been browsing all morning and there are lots of things I could buy, but don't need [this is the first time I've been a responsible shopper], but then I saw this Rebecca Taylor coat.  I don't need another coat AT ALL [but I currently have 2-3 coming to me for Christmas...different story obvi], but this one is so gorgeous that it needs to at least be recognized.  Ombre Leopard.  Genius.  Just enough print to still wear with everything, because no matter how much I love leopard...a full print coat version has never done it for me.

Rebecca Taylor Ombre Print Coat