Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm not going to lie...when I first saw the name of this online retailer all I could think of was lester the molester.  I know, my  maturity is astounding.  This e-tailer offers a good assortment of contemporary lines with numerous different price points (that's a negative in my book, but maybe not yours!) But good ole' Lester('s) is offering 20% off sitewide!  Code is 240002 and ends July 13th.

My picks:

I wear these sandals all. the. time.  Seriously chic and comfy.

Metallic croc?  I'm in.

Don't have a pair, but I hear their praises constantly and every celebrity owns a pair.

Apparently colored denim is huge right now?

Can't get enough of multi-colored marbling

Perfect summer bag.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

comfort and ease [wes gordon x jny]

After being in the airport a lot lately I've been doing a better job preparing what to wear so my level of annoyment is at an all time low.  I get very impatient when people don't move at an appropriate pace through security and the terminals, much like when some one's doing 40 in the fast lane.  Therefore, you can imagine how I get when someone is literally taking off 10 layers of clothing and items to go through security.  That is why I generally leave all my jewelry off and sometimes bring a change of shoes to put on once I'm past that point and ready to look like the glamorous traveler I obvi am. 

I saw this Wes Gordon x Jones New York vest in a magazine and fell in love.  Perfect for travel with skinny pants and flats and beyond chic (or as Susannah's husband would say "that is schick") with multiple layers or sleeveless.  It's mine.  Check out his other stuff here, since it's all an additional 40% off!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago {round one}

I'm alive, just barely though.  This past weekend I was in Chicago for one of my best friend's bachelorette party.  There were 18 of us.  It was a great trip, but I'm currently trying to quickly rehab my liver because I leave Thursday for my other bestie's birthday Chicago.  These are the few pictures I have from this weekend since I am officially becoming the worst trip photographer as I age.

 the whole group by the bean
 so offensive I sprinted 25 feet just to get a close up
 we all went to Dick's Last Resort for lunch
this is the bride...her hat says "He knocked me up.  Now I gotta marry the douche."
 "If it vibrates, I own it."
 Erica's was "interactive," aka her "lady bit hair" was coming through the hat
 "warning: crabs can jump up to 7 feet"
 "spreads easier than margarine"
 "I remember when one finger felt good"
 the bride and the trick the waiter made her do....see video below for full footage of the disturbing event
 the MOH's snazzy new kicks....she actually purchased them because she thought they were so amazingly horrible
 the bride doing a trick
 the bride riding the bull at dinner....sadly there were multiple "brides to be" at dinner and they all rode the bull.  Laura was the only one of them wearing pants = class.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I've featured shop sosie before on the blog, but have yet to purchase from the site.  Mostly because I've heard a lot of their stuff runs small and I'm scared to order and then have to deal with a return process.  Lately though I've had my eye on a few things and I think I might actually pull the trigger.

This weekend I spent all of $35 on two new shirts.  One was blush with neon pink lace across the shoulders and the other a USA tank to wear for our Olympic party. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Frugal Friday

And so it begins...

I. am. exhausted.  I have been slacking lately in the posts, but hopefully I'll get back on track next week since I can rest this weekend before the next two weekends are spent in Chicago!  Today's frugal friday is brought to by what my beautiful [broken legged] mom bought me at Kohl's while I was home last week.  I don't have a Kohl's close to me here in Atlanta, so I make sure I go when I'm home, especially because the one by our house is remarkably cleaner than most.  Lauren Conrad's line is my favorite, but it's definitely hit or miss.  Luckily, this time it was a hit and one of the items I got is under $30.  Have at it people and by the time you add every possible discount code it will probably be less than $15.

LC Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Pleated Top

I'm actually wearing this top today [hence the inspiration] and had to showcase the cute back that they don't display.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

stay classy

There seems to be an uproar surrounding Harvey Nichols's latest
ad campaign for their sale.  I don't get why people are so pissed? 
[those aren't shadows in their nether regions]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i'm back

but completely worthless.  This is the crazy month of June people.  Two bachelorettes, a wedding, a wedding party, and a birthday trip.  Needless to say, I'll be in and out of this place. 

Since my month is filled with festivities that all involve gifts [don't forget Father's Day people] I thought I'd enlighten the gift givers out there with an amazing find.  Wantful.  Wantful helps you become a great gift giver and takes away the awkwardness of promising those receiving the gifts that "It's totally ok if you want to take it back, I understand."  When in reality you're thinking "WTF" or "Seriously?  You didn't like that?!?"  So, here's a helper.  They have you fill out a questionnaire about the person you're giving the gift to and based on that they provide 16 a custom printed book...that's delivered to the person.  They pick what they want, it's sent to them, and you're the best person ever.

Monday, June 4, 2012


I travel more than your average 26 year old [ouch, reality hurts].  I'd like to say from all this travel that I've become an expert packer, airport frequenter, and great travel mate, but I'd be lying.  I always overpack because if I don't, I get extremely nervous I won't have enough options.  I make it to the airport with just enough time to get through security, find the gate, and get a starbucks [this causes problems if I'm at a different airport than Atlanta since that is the only security I've memorized the timing of].  I always check a bag because I can't stand carrying anything but my purse with me through an airport.  But my saving grace is that I'm very relaxed when I travel and can usually be talked into doing anything.  With that said, I tend to make a lot of my travel companions nervous with my completely lax traveling style.  My apologies friends, family, and people I regret inviting on trips.

Lately, I've been looking for a good weekender bag for the smaller trips and those that don't require flying.  I stumbled across this Walton Overnight Bag and fell in love.  I love the size and colors and desperately want to get it monogrammed.  My Longchamp needs a friend and I think this guy fits the bill.

Friday, June 1, 2012

etsy.feature.friday {introducing frugal friday}

Friday's are changing here on the blog and I think it'll be for the better!  First of all, happy June everyone.  Second of all, when this gets posted I will have been on the road driving home for 3 hours already...disturbing, but I have to get home in time to nap before I leave for the bachelorette weekend. [priorities people] I decided {with the help of Laura} to change up my Friday posts because I wanted to do something different...and why not let that something different revolve around my cheapness and call it Frugal Friday?  So, I'll be posting great [cheap = under $30] things and I hope you all like them!  I figured I'd do a soft open of the new post with a combination of eff and ff....something that's under $30 and also on etsy.  Enjoy!

I saw these earrings and instantly fell in love.  Simple, colorful, and perfect for summer.  I love these colors for summer and know these earrings will go with everything.  More than a stud, but not full on statement earring.  I'm in.