Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty Penny Stock

This brand is one of my latest discoveries.  PPS, as I'll call it, was created by two fashion vets and recently joined the popular prep-casual menswear line Penny Stock as the female counterpart.  The clothing is cute and casual with a price tag that doesn't induce full blown price shock.  These are my three favorite pieces:

Cobalt Stripe Penny Dress

The Penny Muse Shirt

The Ropes Print Penny Dress

Friday, April 27, 2012


Happy Friday!  I'm closing out a busy week with a friend's engagement party tonight, so I'm excited that I get to dress up.  I tend to sway toward more casual, comfortable looks [which you would never know given my extreme dress hoarding], so I get excited when I have a reason to add some class to my [often] embarrassing self.

Today's etsy feature Friday is all about 24k class with the beautiful prints from ISeeNoise.  Her prints are simple and for the girly girl, with pictures of iconic perfume bottles, people, and landmarks...all in 24k gold or silver.  The metallic of the prints add some unexpected charm and ritz to the simple prints that are sure to mix with any home and add that special little extra beauty to your place.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


My friend Susannah sent me this ring, knowing that it was a) disturbingly perfect for me b) a staple for everyone that may or may not still drink heavily and c) better than a rape whistle.  Too far?  All I have to say is that Monserat De Lucca knows where it's at.  REALITY people.  Sometimes the only energy you have left at the end of a rager of a night is the ability to rotate your ring 180 degrees to ensure people know just what level you're on.  I can picture it now...a tragic looking human being walks up to someone (I envision a girl, one that looks like me) and you just so simply tap on the ring that states "sober," as in "not going to happen" or a blessed human being that I've she's always noticed striking up a conversation and you can say "let's do this" by simply tapping that ring that states "drunk."  This is genius people, and I also am debating whether I need this shit as well. Why?  I think you mean, why not?

images via shopbop

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Laura Vela

Handbag designer Laura Vela has some of the hottest new handbags on the market, and quite possibly the hardest website I've ever tried to find.  The search is worth it though because these bags are unique, colorful, and full of fun.  The collection is made up of all styles and prints and has some serious staying power.  I love finding up and coming designers because I feel like the items I own are little treasures and, of course, like I'm smarter than everyone that doesn't own something yet.  Vela is sure to be a staple in the handbag industry, so jump on before the prices get exponentially higher!

images via Laura Vela

Monday, April 23, 2012

Quay Eyeware

I often times miss Australia when the temps get warmer, but especially when I hear stories like this.  Those are the gems that make me giggle and thank the lord I made it out of there alive. 

The fashion is another thing I miss, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that young Hollywood has been wearing a great Aussie sunglass brand around town lately and at Coachella.  Quay eyeware has great styles, at even greater prices ($40 people), and free shipping.  The styles fit any personality and come in a variety of colors, sure to add some pop and fun to any summer outfit and outing.

images via Quay

Friday, April 20, 2012


One of my roommates is a vegan {she also writes a blog}.  Personally, I could never do it {Exh. A-Z, my massive drawer of assorted sausages in the fridge}.  And to be honest, I love animals, but I love eating certain ones too.  But in the spirit of being a better person {debatable} I thought I would share a great handbag shop on Etsy. 

 Vegan Fashion Bags has some adorable handbags that are all made from vegan leather {so Stella McCartney of them} and are all under $100!  I personally LOVE the bright coral/red one, but check them all out!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

guilty pleasures

I am 110% a boy bander for life.  I realize some people think it is "so embarrassing," "so trendy," and "so pathetic" for liking something they had a genuine equation for making, but I say, "Don't deny what made your tween bits tingle at the ripe age of 25 13."  I also look forward to using this self-proclaimed addiction to embarrass the shit out of my children.  Hopefully I'll scar them just enough to listen to me, but not to the point that requires repeat visits to the shrink [mama's gotta keep that bank account up for her shopping addiction].  That being said, my latest musical love affairs are none other than a cooler version of the original boy band and a current pop icon that gets mistaken for a lesbian.  I hope you enjoy these on this wonderful Thursday, knowing that I am currently closing my office door and having a solo dance party conference call.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the skinny on color

Ok, unless you've been hiding in a cave in complete hibernation for the past year, you know colored denim is HUGE.  I mean large and in charge.  As I've posted before, I'm indifferent about this trend, mostly because I think there's a fine line between flattering and drawing too much attention to your thighs.  So, in my avoidance, I found myself admiring the denim on others, but refused to jump in myself....until an extremely low price tag got my attention.  I refused to pay in the hundreds for colored jeans, and actually, anything above $50 I ignored. 

But, then I looked on ASOS and found a pair of orange skinny jeans that were $15 on sale.  ASOS offers free shipping and returns so there was really no excuse not to try.  Well people, I fell in love and ordered a couple more colors.  These Vero Moda Super Stretch Skinny Jeans are heaven.  They're flattering, as in they're not a paper thin, expose everything jegging and they fit like a hybrid straight/skinny jean, so your ankles can breathe.  They rotate colors, so if they don't have what you're looking for at the moment, check back!

images via ASOS

Disclaimer: I have NOT tried the Vero Moda Skinny Jegging, but I'm sure they are just as great, since these have more than lived up to my expectations!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


First off, I love wine.  Second off, I'm not a snob about it [i.e. $2 [.79] buck chuck is my love].  Third off, I'm the person they make crazy wine labels or cool bottles for because it plays a great deal into my purchasing decisions.  This last one is why I fell in love with Stacked wines.  Seriously cool, seriously different.  These California wines come in four individual servings that, like the name suggests, stack on top of each other.  And this way, if people see me getting a refill they have no idea what serving I'm on, as opposed to if that almost finished bottle of wine was sitting directly next to me and I claimed it wasn't for just me.  Mostly though, these are perfect for going places: picnics, tailgates, concerts, shopping...the possibilities are endless.

images via stacked wines

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blair Ritchey

I couldn't get enough of handbag designer Blair Ritchey's collection when I saw it featured on a blog the other day, so here it is....for y'all.  They're simple clutches in fun prints and colors that can be carried with any outfit, any time of the day, any time of the year.  Works for me!  Not to mention, I'm utterly obsessed with the tassels.