Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a few thoughts...

First, since moving and organizing my clothes I've realized I am two things: a hoarder and addicted to buying clothing.  My new roommate Tippi helped me realize this last night and we will continue to purge my closet of things I have not worn in the last two years.  BUT then I got a "bright" idea and said I should make my 2012 goal [one of many] to wear everything in my closet that still has tags on it before I make more purchases.  Risky people, but maybe it'll help?  Here is a glimpse into the black hole that is my closet [btw, you can't see the other sides...and I'm not sure if you want to and I may or may not have already donated 4 trash bags full of clothing].

Second, I know my addiction runs wild because I currently am uber obsessed with J.Crew's heart throb shirt and skirt, separately and paired together.  It's bad.  And I just received a gift card for my birthday...


Monday, January 30, 2012

awkward party photos

If you have Sony digital camera (or want one) and love pictures from social gatherings, then this little contraption from Sony is definitely for you.  The Sony Party-Shot Automatic Photographer rotates and continually snaps photos wherever it is (i.e. family party, house party, country club party, bedroom party [if that's your thing]).  You simply set your camera on the stand and it does all the work and you get to look at all of the photos afterwards.  Some will be worth saving, some will be worth burning, but you can decide that later.  And honestly, it's inappropriate to walk around a party taking constant photos when you should be drinking and dancing.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Today I'm actually making the move across the street [literally] to my new place.  I'm excited, but I detest moving.  At the same time, I've turned to pinterest for some design insight and think there are a couple of things I'll be able to pull off.  This makes me happy.  My mom is also in town to help and this also makes me happy since I am horrible at hanging things and figuring out their place.  I'll be sure to post pictures after it's all done [unless I'm embarrassed].

But onto the Friday feature...

Katie Jean is the designer behind the shop: ktjean [who saw that coming?] and makes beautiful, vintage inspired clothing.  I love the [mostly] neutral prints and the whimsical feel they bring.  She also does bridal if you're interested!

photos via etsy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rent The Runway: HELP ME

So, here's the deal people:  I am in the {2nd} Royal Wedding later this year, but the first of many parties for this event is in March.  The engagement party!  Do I have dresses for this kind of shindig?  Of course, but then I got a [birthday] email from the ladies at RTR giving me $50 off my next rental.  On numerous occasions I've had multiple dresses in my cart, ready to check out, but I've never actually pulled the trigger.  I think it will be fun to rent a dress for this event [especially since it'll cost me around $30, as opposed to the norm that runs closer to $100 after all the add-on fees].  BUT now I need y'alls help because I can't decide which one to rent!  HELP ME HELP ME PLEASE!!  Here are the choices:

Shoshanna Lace Boatneck Back Dress
 Milly Sophia Lace Shift
 Kate Spade Nantucket Party Dress
 Robert Rodriguez Collection Peony Lace Shift
 Milly Sweet Madeline Dress
 Milly Stepford Wife Dress
 Shoshanna It's My Birthday Dress
photos via RTR

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Cheap clothes?  You betcha'.  Cheap prices?  You betcha'.  Fall apart quicker than a Packers fan?  Oh, I hope not!  I've known about Sosie for awhile now, but didn't realize I hadn't posted on it yet [I sawry].  This website resembles a LuLu's a wee bit, but what are we if not appreciative of a cheap online store trying to get us goods at a great price point.  The one downside to this site [and a huge pet peeve of mine] is that they keep up their merchandise even if it's sold out.  arrrgghhh.  Annoying people, extremely annoying.  BUT I'll give it a chance since I've, to date, clicked on damn near everything and now am determined to find something that's in stock!!!

photos via shopsosie.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clothes Horse

While reading the one business magazine I subscribe to, Bloomberg Businessweek, I stumbled across an article about an insanely helpful website that is about to launch: Clothes HorseClothes Horse is a NYC startup that helps shoppers find brands that fit them best and, based on your measurements and/or sizes you wear in a certain brand (i.e. J.Crew), translates this sizing information to inform you what size you would wear in every OTHER brand.  Jackpot people.  We all know, even though it hurts to go up a size, that brands run differently.  So many times I have wished that there was a general consensus with sizing and measurements, but that will never happen.  With Clothes Horse, you can finally eliminate the hesitation and sizing doubt in online purchasing [for the most part].  This may seem too good to be true, but I'm willing to try.  I've had one too many shirts that don't button because the bust wasn't measured correctly.

Monday, January 23, 2012

slip it on

I'm a fan of slippers.  I know that not everyone is and that this places me in the category of 90 year old retired woman.  Some prefer socks, some prefer bare feet, and others prefer to never remove their shoes [a never nude of the feet world if you will], but I won't go into my judgment of the latter.  I have a cheap pair of Target slippers that are nice and then I have my Cadillac version lined with shearling that wrap my feet with warmth courtesy of Ugg.  The one downfall?  Neither of these are acceptable footwear outside.  End of story.  Although some may debate sleepwear and its accessories are ok for say, college classes or taking the trash out I disagree and think they should remain in the confines of your home, preferably when guests are not present.  UNTIL I found Jacques Levine's adorable hybrid Inslee slipper that looks like a ballet flat but warms like a true slipper.  These are perfectly acceptable around guests, your feet are still warm, and you look put together. 

photos via Jacques Levin

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday

So, this weekend I'm not doing much but packing and preparing for my beautiful mother to get here on Tuesday to help me move...eat....and drink! 

[sidenote...if you follow me on pinterest the new board "Queen Mary" is
my mom's board because she wanted to pin stuff, but didn't want
to sign up for facebook or twitter-for the best if you ask me] 

In other news, a friend posted this picture on facebook and I giggled while sipping my morning coffee, so I had to pass it on to you all.  FYI: If you are not familiar with the Harry Potter movies, you will not understand [but look through these to see his awkward childhood years] .  If you are, you will laugh, maybe even chuckle.

etsy feature friday

After what could only be described as an embarrassingly long stint on pinterest pinning away different rooms and ideas for my dream home [which is now up to a 50+ room house...dreams people, they're important] I've been casually passing through etsy shops doing the same.  I will say that I am guilty of making mental notes about stuff I "like" roughly every 30 seconds.  As you can assume, most of them do not stay with me [short term memory loss] which is why I'm an advocate of keeping lists, whether they are virtual or tangible. 

One of the few mental notes I have been able to remember is a light fixture I saw at H. Audrey in Nashville that I absolutely loved.  It was made of dangling light bulbs that looked so industrial chic I've been kicking myself since for not taking pictures....until I discovered the concept again at the etsy shop urbanchandy.  These things are by no means cheap, but they also don't hold a true chandeliers price tag.  I don't know where the heck I would put it in my house [maybe over an outside table or in an office?], but not to worry...I've got 50+ rooms to fill people.

photos via etsy

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Need a Notebook?

I found these amazing, sometimes uncomfortably funny notebooks from Archie Grand that are perfect to throw in your purse/murse/fanny pack to jot down important things or more importantly unimportant things [make sense?].  When you run out, get a different one!

photos via Jasper + Black

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I always look for unique, personal gifts when shopping for friends, family, and myself.  For me, anything personalized warms my heart and makes me feel special.  I think it's fair to say these items do that for the majority of people.  These gifts are also perfect for people taking on new initials like newlyweds or those in the witness protection program, to savor the new changes in their lives.  Ok, that's enough deep talkin' shenanigans.  Iomoi specializes in the [classy and fun] monogramming of paper, home, and desk goods, as well as bags of all sizes and kids items.  Their bright colors and designs bring a refreshing twist to the ever classic [mundane] world of monogramming.  And they offer more choices than a person should ever have when trying to pick something for themself others.

photos via iomoi