Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In case you needed a reason to smile...

Here are my two favorite Christmas cards I've seen so far:

The ridiculousness that is always the Kardashian Klan [even that cat knows how ridiculous this picture is] and my fav Georgia girl...Honey Boo Boo rockin' those beautiful extensions.

I'm headed out to Seattle tomorrow for Christmas and I couldn't be happier to see my family and see some snow!  I hope you all have a great Christmas and Holiday season!

Friday, December 14, 2012


One of the greatest feelings in the world [for me] is finding a great discount code that applies to stuff I've wanted for ages.  I mean, who doesn't love to save money?  I've been eyeing some Madewell items for months now and today I got a nice little present when they offered 40% off + free shipping on their insider favorites...and a couple of the things I wanted were on the list!  Move fast, the discount is today only and they rarely, if ever, offer as much as 40% off regular-priced merch.  Merry [early] Christmas to me!

Bow Mini Wedge

Bateau Button Sweater

Lace Primrose Top

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Time

It's here people.  Holiday parties are in full effect.  I personally love this time of the year, searching endlessly for what I will wear to all of the parties I will attend and a special outfit for Christmas eve service.  I always have a dressier outfit for service and a festive outfit for Christmas day. 
This time of the year is a never ending excuse to wear dressy details like bows, sequins, and lace.  I personally love all three, so I'm in heaven.  I already have a few outfits picked out for my various events, but still haven't decided exactly what I'll be wearing to our office's holiday party this Friday.  Don't worry, I have enough choices for everyone attending, I just haven't figured out what will work best since half of us dress up and some select people [my boss] wear jeans, cowboy boots, and a Christmas themed Tommy Bahama shirt.  Pure Christmas class people.
Holiday Time

Green dress

Dorothy perkin

Sequin dress

J Crew slim shirt

J Crew sequin top

Dorothy Perkins chiffon blouse

J Crew long skirt

Midi skirt

Monday, December 10, 2012

great finds

When I was home for Thanksgiving my friend Sarah took me to a couple local boutiques that she frequents and I fell in love.  There are a group of 4 boutiques owned by the same group that I absolutely adore.  I managed to find an arrow-ish bracelet I've been searching for, a vegan leather swing mini, and  cap-toe gold and turquoise flats.  Sophie & Trey and 4th & Ocean are 2 of the 4 that also have online shops.  These two have the best jewelry selection for the most ridiculously affordable prices.  Check it out, and if you're in the area [Susan] you must go in because the selection in the stores puts their website to shame.

Friday, December 7, 2012


I've been searching for a good, basic fisherman cable sweater for awhile.  Preferably in a winter white or cream.  Most of what I've found is more than I want to pay, so it was proving to be a more difficult task than I had originally thought.  Then I stumbled onto Old Navy's new sweaters and was saved.  They have two versions, I've ordered one of each to see which I like better.  Hopefully one of them works because I'd much rather spend $20 than $80+...especially when I may or may not already own one, it just has cropped sleeves.  If you'd rather not join me in my pursuit of winter white, then feel free to snag a different color.  There are only about 15 others.  The best part: the full price is $30, but with the code ONGIFT these sweaters are only $20.

Chunky Cable Sweater

Honeycomb Knit Sweater

Thursday, December 6, 2012

the little things

I shop a lot.   Now that we got that out of the way, I'd like to talk about what sends me from indifference to "I must own this" when I'm in and out of stores.  Details.  It's all in the little details.  Things that set the garment, accessory, random something apart from all the others out there.  Now, I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but I love an elbow patch on a sweater.  They're great and lately brands have gotten smart and revamped them to look a whole lot better.  Meet C. Wonder's version: hearts on the elbow.  Done.  Little things people, like I was saying.  I just can't figure out what color combination I love the most.

C. Wonder Heart's Desire Sweater

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas List

My mom just left from a visit to see my new place and spend some time in Atlanta with yours truly.  She always requests a Christmas list from my brothers and me around Thanksgiving.  Yes, we still give our parents Christmas lists, and yes, we still have presents galore like 5 year olds.  What you won't see is my brothers and me complaining.  As the years pass, my list generally gets shorter, but more expensive.  I remember when I was younger I thought the purpose of a Christmas list was to tell your parents any and every thing you might want.  Therefore, my lists topped out around the 100s and I'm pretty sure my parents stopped reading after number 20 [on a good year].  Needless to say, I've always been a warm welcomer of presents. 
This year my list was filled with a couple practical items that aren't completely absurd [DSLR camera for travels, cruiser bike to ride in Piedmont Park, new tennis racket], but of course I filled in with items I've been eyeing for months as well.  Don't freak out.  My birthday is in January, so I automatically combine Christmas and birthday lists for my parents.  Below you'll find some of the goodies.
Christmas List

Milly bow blouse

Cape coat



Madewell shoes

Madewell kitten heels

Lodis zip wallet

Ann taylor

Kate Spade sailor bracelet

Case mate

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

winter white

Years ago I was extremely insecure about wearing white after labor day...and then I just didn't care.  As long as I wasn't in linen or any overly summery outfit I didn't see the big deal.  It's white people, as in the same white as snow, which only arrives in the winter months [mostly].  Thankfully, the hybrid cream/white "winter white" has given us an excuse if anyone were to attack.  The ONE coat I do not own [actually one of two, I'm too cheap to invest in a leather jacket at the moment] is a winter white, ivory, white, etc. one.  I've looked, but didn't want to spend too much, knowing I would have to be very careful when wearing it [something I rarely am with anything I own].  This weekend I was browsing through Nordstrom and spotted a beautiful, classic cream boucle jacket in the TopShop section.  It caught my attention, but I wasn't committed until I saw that it was on sale for a sweet $75.  As soon as I put it on I knew that I was going to need to make a purchase.  Too Jackie O to walk away.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Target + NM + CFDA

It launched Saturday, the Target, Neiman Marcus, and CFDA collection that is.  I woke up at 7 am and purchased the two tops I had my eye on and then managed to make my way into a Target store by 9am to see the disappointment first hand.  My fear of a Missoni onslaught round 2 was quickly dismissed.  There were maybe 5 people looking at the entire section.  One of the tops I ordered ended up looking like an outfit fit for an ice skater, so I think I'll stick with one and call it a day.  On another note, I have been shopping for a cruiser bike for awhile, so I am pretty familiar with the range of prices, so you can imagine how horrified I was when I saw the Alice + Olivia cruiser for Target priced at $500.  A smooth $100 more than the CUSTOM bike I have currently picked out.  People....

The blouse I ended up keeping:

The one that I will be returning due to my lack of ice skating competitions [so much potential online, in person so intense]:

Friday, November 30, 2012

frugal friday

It's Friday and we have a weekend full of football here in the south.  The SEC championship game is always in Atlanta, so the crowds are big enough to make you want to leave, but since the Georgia Bulldogs have made the cut, our city will be filled to the brim with all the crazed fans.  Being a Florida State fan, I will be sure to stay in my apartment most of Saturday.  We play at 8pm against Georgia Tech.  How convenient.

Sadly, most of the things I've been eyeing lately are well over my $30 dollar mark for a frugal friday post, but I did remember one little item I recently purchased that I just can't get enough of.  Simple, reasonable, and so perfect for everyday, I found these initial necklaces on Pinterest and immediately ordered myself one.  At $32 they make the perfect gift for yourself or others and the mixed metals allow for versatility, while the simplicity is ideal for layering and mixing with other jewelry.

 gold chain + silver initial [the combo I have]

silver chain + gold initial

Thursday, November 29, 2012

look for less

I haven't done a look for less post in awhile, and if we're being honest, I haven't done a post in general for awhile.  My apologies.  I've been completely overwhelmed with work, travel, holidays, and so much more, but I'm slowly trying to get back on track!  I didn't do much shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and actually didn't buy anything for CM until late at night, when I found the bracelet in this here post discounted to a fraction of the one that's been holding my eye for almost a year.  Meet J.Crew's pave link bracelet.  If you are unfamiliar with this bracelet you may be living under a rock. 

Every blogger I follow seems to sport it, or one similar, but I have been hell bent on not spending $125 on a bracelet I know is worth maybe $30 [there's a first time for everything people].  Apparently the glass they use justifies a $40 price difference.  My love for J.Crew still remains, it's just a little tarnished after seeing such a ridiculous price tag.  Therefore, I've been searching endlessly for a look-a-like version, but most of them are still higher than I wanted to pay.  UNTIL good ol' Ann Taylor came out with their Evelyn Lauder link bracelet that looks identical to le crew's, but [preferably] lays flat on your wrist. 

FYI Ann Taylor almost always has some kind of discount going on.  Mine was 40% for CM, but they do 40% frequently and I recommend using the discount online because in store they tend to not honor discounts on items that go to charity [calm down people, online still gives the money to charity, so you're not hurting anyone].  This gem is $68 full price, putting it right at $40 after the discount.  I'll take it.

If you're wanting an exact look-a-like though, here are a few I found online for a little more:

Here, here, here, and here's just a joke of a price...and from Target nonetheless.