Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lo & Sons

Lo & Sons is a bag company that specializes in lightweight, durable travel bags [that can also double as large totes].  These bags are amazing and equipped with every possible nook and cranny one could need.  They have a special panel in the back to be able to slide the bag onto luggage to make it easy to handle, hold laptops with ease, and have pockets for days.  I love to travel and as soon as I saw Lo & Sons stylish bags I wanted one.  Mostly because I am also the laziest person when traveling and I want everything in one bag.  I despise the multi-bag traveler that carries everything on.  I don't like excess and I like everything in one location [even if it throws out my back]. 

 The Brookline [15" laptop tote]

The Cambridge [Men's overnight bag]

These are also extremely suitable as an everyday work bag for anyone.  Hello...the bag has a compartment to put heels in so you can walk in flats and then put them on once you get to work and let everyone think you're the woman that walked endless blocks in her heels because you're just that crazy driven.  The brand just launched a new line of bags and additional colors that I absolutely love.  Note: add to Christmas list now.  Oh and not to mention, when you sign up for their mailing list you receive a coupon code for 35% your purchase.

The O.G. [Overnight and gym bag]

The O.M.G. [Overnight and Medium Gym bag]

The T.T. [Travel tote]

The Savoy [13" laptop tote]
photos via Lo & Sons

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