Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bustiers + lace

In the last Lucky mag I saw them pair lace pencil skirts with lady-like bustiers [read: not the ones in your local s&m store].  I loved the look because it was so simple, yet so sophisticated.  Needless to say, one of my black Friday purchases was a black lace pencil skirt at Kohl's.  Now I just need to track down a flowy bustier that completes the outfit.  Until then though, I'll resort to wearing the white cotton one I already own that looks like the Parker one below.

Bustiers + Lace

Parker top
$187 -

Rebecca Taylor smock top
$235 -

Geren Ford fitted top
$92 -

Rebecca Taylor tiered shirt
$235 -

Kimchi Blue black top
$30 -

Hype leopard print top
$81 -

ASOS lace pencil skirt
$45 -

TopShop lace skirt
£35 -

Knee length pencil skirt
£38 -

Elastic waist skirt
£15 -

ASOS lace pencil skirt
$54 -

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sorry, it's not an actual picture of me in my outfit, but rather I put all of the elements of my outfit on a pretty Polyvore set for y'all.  I didn't feel like threatening asking a willing co-worker to snap a picture of me today.  BUT since Atlanta temperatures dropped from 65 degrees to 34 degrees in a matter of days I thought I would dress comfy and layer to avoid freezing in the cold. 

Comfort is Key

My sweater is from Old Navy, my necklace is from Anthropologie [no longer available], my white tunic shirt is from Madewell [no longer available], my knee socks are from Nordstrom, my black skinny pants are from GAP, and my black flat boots are from Nordstrom.

I know it's weird, but...

if I didn't have boobs that significantly alter the fit of small people clothing, I would totally buy this little girls sweater dress from J.Crew.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

EmersonMade: 30% off with code: MARVELOUSMONDAY

BaubleBar:  With every $30 spent, you pick a free gift from the gifting suite

Steve Madden: 30% off + free shipping with code: STUFFING

Madewell: Sale additional 30% off + free shipping with code: ENJOY

Max & Chloe: Buy more save more ($20 off $100; $50 off $250, etc.) with code: THANKS11MC

Bloomingdale's: $50 off purchase of $250 or more

Boden: 30% off purchase + free shipping

Macy's: Free shipping with purchase of $75+ with code: CYBER

Pink Mascara: 25% off purchase with code: CYBERSALE

Kelsi Dagger: 35% off purchase with code: THANKS35

Gorjana: 35% off purchase with code: CYBERMONDAY

Amazon: 25% off shoes when you spend $75; 30% off shoes when you spend $150 with code: SHOECM11

Tobi: 30% off purchase with code: SHOPPER30

Sage Clothing: 30% off full price purchase with code: CYBER30

NY & Co.: 50% off everything + free shipping with code: 2129

South Moon Under: 20% off everything with code: CYBER20; additional 25% off sale with code: BLACK20

Saks: Online only designer sale up to 40% off

Half Off Depot: Additional 25% off any purchase of $50+ with code: CYBER25

Piperlime: 20% off purchase with code: HUGECYBER

GAP, BR, Athleta, and ON: 30% off purchase with code: HUGECYBER

Ann Taylor LOFT: 50% off everything + free shipping with code: SHOP50

Ann Taylor: 50% off everything + free shipping with code: MONDAY

Crate and Barrel: 15% off purchase + free shipping with code: SAVE15 10% off purchase + free shipping

Nine West: 60% off party shoes

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7 for all mankind: Additional 40% off sale with code: CMONDAY4011

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Calypso St. Barth: Additional 50% off sale merchandise

Clarisonic: 20% off purchase with code: CYBER20

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blk Friday

"Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion."
-Kurt Hummel, GLEE

Remember this when shopping today :)

Deals and Discounts

Here they are folks [or at least what I've received so far]:

ASOS: 20% off everything code: HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY

J.Crew: 25% off + free shipping on orders of $150+ with code: YOURGIFT

J.Crew Factory:  30% off everything and additional 25% off purchases of $150+ with code: YOURGIFT

Kate Spade: Like them on Facebook and get a chance to win a free handbag

Neiman's: 20% off all sale (no code)

Bloomingdale's: Boot sale; Save 25-40%; take $25 off purchase of $200; free shipping on any order with code: FREESHIP11

Steve Madden: 25% off all purchases + free shipping with code: TURKEY

Urban Outfitters:  IN STORE ONLY take 50% off all sale items

Macy's: 15% off + free shipping with code: GOBBLE

Ann Taylor Loft:  40% everything + free shipping with code: SHOP40

Ann Taylor: 40% off everything with code: THANKS

GAP: 20% off purchase with code: GAPTHANKS

NY & Co.: 50% off everything (no code)

Nine West: 60% off select styles; 50% off sale

Express: 40% off everything (no code)

Saks: up to 70% off online and in store items

Charles David: 50% off until noon; 40% off rest of weekend IN STORE ONLY

Lo&Sons: 40% off bags (no code)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! 

Enjoy your time spent with friends and family [and get ready for a Friday/weekend full of shopping].

I would like you all to know that I searched far and wide for the creepiest Thanksgiving picture.  Success with a side of Oregon Trail-esque graphics.

Today I'm thankful for my family, friends, job, the onslaught of holiday cheer, and sales.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've long been a skeptic about these websites that charge a monthly fee for their items, mostly because it's a pain in the ass to remember to skip a month if there's nothing you want [how they make their money].  I used to be a member of ShoeDazzle until I realized that no matter what "survey" I filled out and how many times I told them what I didn't want, I would always get shoes that belong on a naked girl twirling around a pole.  I also got sucked into JewelMint, which I actually like, but haven't ordered too much from.  The "____mint" sites seem to have the inventory and process down and are launching by the second with the help of celebrities and their favorite stylists endorsing each venture.  The line-up now consists of JewelMint [jewelry by Kate Bosworth], StyleMint [t-shirts by MK+AOlsen], BeautyMint [ beauty items by Jessica Simpson], and most recently ShoeMint [shoes with my fashion love affair Rachel Bilson].

The ShoeMint venture makes my fashion insides all giddy.  First off, I lurv Rachel Bilson.  Her style is amazing.  Second, I love shoes.  I don't have to explain this one.  Third, her co-conspirators are her stylist Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden.  Combine the three and I think these shoes are actually ones that I'll be interested in unlike WhoreDazzle.  The site is supposed to launch this week even though there is no hard date yet, but I'm ready [just hoping the monthly fee isn't over $50].

Monday, November 21, 2011

i'm in love

Meet Sophia Grace Brownlee and her sister Rosie Brownlee.  They like to do normal kid things like rap Super Bass and interview celebrities on the red carpet at the AMA's.

photo via InStyle

Weekend Steals

This weekend was extremely dangerous for my bank account.  I had nothing planned during store hours, which meant that I ended up buying some things.  BUT there was light in that dark, dark tunnel because everything I bought was on super sale or [justifiably] cheap.  I purchased an adorable shirtdress from J.Crew, two sweaters from Old Navy, and another big, comfy sweater dress [read: new addiction] from Zara. 

[I got the Thomas Mason version which was the only one in store.  Looks adorable with this type of belt and I plan on adding cardigans and blazers to layer]

[I got a black version of this with pockets in the store]

Old Navy was having the best sale yesterday.  So great in fact, that I initially thought it was spam and asked the worker if it was a real email.  You see, I've been eyeing a certain Alice+Olivia look-alike southwestern cardigan and couldn't take the chance of missing this possible discount.  I refuse to pay full price for an Old Navy sweater, especially when that full price is $55.  Yesterday all adult sweaters were 75% off.  Hence why I accused the worker of the spam email.  I got said sweater for the wee price of $13.50.  And then I made the rounds and found a comparable version of this sweater [comparable meaning I was scared to pay more than $40 because I didn't know how often I'd wear it] for $8.  Success people, success.

[$55 but 35% TODAY ONLY with code MERRY]


Friday, November 18, 2011

gorjana F&F

I'm a huge fan of gorjana's jewelry line.  The majority of my staple jewelry is by her and I always receive compliments.  Take advantage of her friends & family because it doesn't come often!  Code is THANKS20 in case you can't read it.


It's finally Friday again [never complain about that one] and tonight I'm going to see the new Twilight movie!  Remember my confession?  BUT this year my friends and I have it figured out.  There's a new movie theater by us called CineBistro and it's 21 and up-no matter what movie they show.  Jackpot baby.  21+ Twihards unite....with booze....and teenage werewolf bodies!  But anyways, this weekend should be relaxing and I plan on tracking down all my cold weather accessories that I somehow misplaced which shouldn't surprise anyone that's seen my room/closet

This week's Etsy Feature Friday is for all the minimal accessorizers [word?] out there.  The shop Frosted Willow sells simple, perfectly stackable bangles for insanely reasonable prices [$10-$20].  Katrin is the designer of these little delicacies located in Boston.  There are solids, colors to add a little pop, sets, and much more.  It's definitely worth a browse because these pieces can be worn with everything.

photos via etsy

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is me.  This is me at work.  This is me at work forcing my coworker to take a picture of me wearing my new favorite sweater dress that is the MOST comfortable thing ever.  SO comfortable in fact that I feel like I'm naked underneath!  Mental note: when in Seattle for Christmas wear an extra layer underneath and tights.  It's from h&m, of course, and only $20.  I wish you luck trying to track it down because it took Laura and I a good week to find it [but I can assure you it's worth it].

sparkle + bows

I love a good sparkly top with added details that make it unique.  A recent Lulu's find fit these descriptions and is perfect for the upcoming holidays.  OR, if you're one to add glam to the everyday, to dress down with skinny jeans and flats or trouser jeans.  I think it's such an adorable top that can be worn in all sorts of ways [hello top over dress combo I'm still trying to master].

photos via lulu's

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

over the knee

I love wearing boots.  I love wearing skirts and dresses.  I love tights...just not all of the time.  Sometimes I like the look of skin breaking up the clothing and your foot covers.  But sometimes I just want more.  I keep seeing Blair from Atlantic-Pacific wear over the knee socks with boots and I can't get enough.  Extra warmth? Check.  Added element to the outfit that doesn't look too crazy?  Check.  Cheap way to look cute in the winter? CHECK.  I don't know how this will look on me, but I'm willing to try...since I found the perfect pairs and colors of Hue socks for the wee little price of $7.50 each.

photos via Atlantic-Pacific

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

if the glove don't fit...

I love cold weather, but I'm very picky about the elements involved in keeping me warm.  I don't really like wearing a heavy jacket because most of them aren't that comfortable [especially in the sleeves once you have the appropriate amount of layers on].  If I could wear a blanket that somehow stayed put I would probably try it.  I also get easily annoyed with gloves.  First off, I despise mittens.  What's the point unless I'm 5 and not doing anything that involves my fingers [i.e. not driving, not writing my extra long name].  Fingerless gloves also creep me out.  For some reason I always link them to homeless people and the Home Alone burglars [thanks Hollywood]. I have about 4 pairs of gloves.  Said collection directly resulted from my mom going glove crazy when I asked for a pair last year.  I love them.  I love the idea of them.  I just get really annoyed when things are on my hands and I constantly feel like I need to take them off to do things.  I know I'm weird.  And most of the time I don't realize just how weird, but I get it now.  One of the gifts last year was a camel leather pair, which I am now officially terrified to wear because they might get dirty.  SO, I've decided to embrace gloves one last time and try and find some cute, darker colors that will allow my quirky behavior to not stand in the way of my pursuit of warmth and function.

[25% off with code TREAT]

[25% off with code TREAT]

[25% off with code TREAT]

[allows you to text]