Friday, September 30, 2011



Sorry folks, if I happen to say anything that makes you question our virtual friendship I have no excuses, other than I was at work until 1:30am [in the words of a fellow Marta rider's t-shirt I saw going to the airport "I love chasin' paper"].  Along the same lines...I'll be spending some of that paper [I promise I won't stop after that one] tonight when I see What's Your Number? with lady friends at the new theater/restaurant Cinebistro [check these out if there's one in your area].  This is my weekend.  Filled with resting and relaxation.

But onto what Fridays are really about...the etsy feature friday is for the best wooden sign I have yet to see on this bad boy of a website.  The artist, Slippin Southern, hails from North Carolina.  I don't have deep southern roots.  Originating from Seattle, I also don't come with much of an accent {thank ya Jesus}.  But the one thing that has stuck with me these past years is the word y'all.  My non-southern friends find this word HElarious.  Lovingly mocking me and I don't care.  I may never use "fixin," but I'll be damned if you don't hear y'all come out of my mouth til I die.  But don't worry, I also like to mock myself.  It is quite possibly the funniest, easiest way in which to carry on the southern stereotype that is [mostly] false.  But, seriously, I want this sign....somewhere in my future house.

photos via etsy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

business in the front, party in the back

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the front of this Patterson shirt, but I LURVVV the back.
photos via Nordstrom

go with the flow

I think it's fair to say that my favorite clothing item of all time is a flowy blouse.  If I see one I buy it and I love on it for years seasons.  These blouses are every where for fall and there's good reason.  First of all, they're comfortable and what woman honestly doesn't look for comfort in her clothing?  Second of all, they're versatile.  I wear mine with skinny jeans, tucked into trouser pants, worn with skirts, layered under blazers and jackets [the lighter the layer the easier and more comfortable it is under a blazer]...the list could go on for hours.  Lastly, they come in multitudes of fabrics and colors/prints and allow you to eat that last cookie you saw in the break room ten minutes ago.  A flowy blouse works in multiple seasons so you can wear them year round and easily add or subtract layers to get the desired look.  The good news is that pretty much every retailer now has a version of a flowy blouse, so no one is restricted by prices!  I smell a winner.  Here are some of my favorites:

Ann Taylor

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


gorg Elizabeth Cole waterfall earrings on gilt today remind me of a darker [still amazing] version of these bad boys that I own.

send the trend

I read about Send the Trend in this month's Lucky magazine.  Their accessories were everywhere and so obviously I checked it out.  WARNING...this website operates like numerous others that require an automatic monthly fee [i.e. ShoeDazzle, JewelMint, StyleMint, etc.] so if you sign up, remember to either skip the months so you aren't charged or cancel after your initial purchase [my choice].  I couldn't help myself though.  I found a necklace I loved and had to buy it.  I missed out on a few from le crew [j. crew peeps keep up with my lingo] and kept kicking myself after seeing them styled on different bloggers.  So...I bought it, BUT I have a discount code to save 30% off your purchase [LUCKY6].


this shawl jacket from Monrow.  Perfect fun fall piece to layer or add life to a sleek all black outfit.  Check out how great Arielle from SomethingNavy looks in the jacket!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's

Hear me out.  I'm not a huge "J.Lo" fan.  There's something about her that annoys me.  Let me say sorry now if any of you disagree with me.  I'm sorry I'm not sorry.  I was at about a 25% [too specific?] excited level when I heard Jennifer Lopez was doing a line for Kohl's.  Y'all have seen my love flow deep for the Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang lines, but this one I questioned.  I'm eating my words now because it's no where near as trashy as I thought it might be...and I LOVEEEE this tweed tunic.  It's so chic it's redonk. AND I can't wait to wear it with black skinnies and boots come colder weather.


Tunic (clipped to

Monday, September 26, 2011

great find

I think it's fair to say that everyone is always searching for a great something they can keep going back to for years to come, be it a great pair of jeans or the perfect pump.  I also think it's only appropriate to continue to purchase things in pursuit of this goal.  My bank account and my mom [who still doesn't fully understand my shopping obsessions] may definitely disagree.  BUT, when you find that awesome something AND it's reasonable, you should feel proud of yourself, much like I do when I locate something I want on sale.  Last year I purchased a pair of flat, classic looking boots from Old Navy.  I know, I know...those two things normally do not belong in the same sentence, but I gave it a shot.  These boots are amazing.  They don't look cheap, even though they are and they are comfortable.  Oh and I always get compliments on them every time I wear them.  Check, check, check.  So, when I saw them on the Old Navy website again for this fall season I had to let y'all know.  Especially because today there's a coupon code for 25% off your purchase from 12pm-4pm [ code is: TTPR1X9HJBYK ]. Get to buyin' people.


 [Ashley and me at the rehearsal dinner]

This weekend was amazing.  Amazingly awesome, fun and bittersweet.  Due to my excessive dancing and celebrating, I now have swollen feet that rival a pregnant woman and a lost purse with all of my belongings in it [i.e. full wallet, camera, giant aleve bottle...].  But, in the end, those can all be replaced [well, I guess except my feet, I'd like to keep those skiis].  I know I also said I would have pictures, but I failed at that.  I'm officially the laziest picture taker ever, but luckily our friend Ashley isn't.  SO I stole some of hers until my mom sends me more to show y'all!!!!!   Oh, and for icing on the cake-due to my lost purse I had to leave my shoes with the taxi driver as collateral while I ran upstairs and got cash from my mom [dignity lost?  never, it's been gone for years]

                                                             [Bridesmaids + friends]

Friday, September 23, 2011

EFF: The Wedding Edition

Tomorrow is the big day for Susannah and Alex!  In honor of them and having wedding things on the brain lately, I thought I would showcase all of the adorable wedding related items I've found on etsy.  Some of these things are easy diy's and some are just amazing ideas that should be purchased [for cheap].  I'll be sure to post some great pictures from this week and weekend on Monday!  Have a great weekend!!

photos via etsy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the perfect layer

Loft's leather trimmed cape is by far the perfect layer for fall and even winter [granted you don't live up north and experience the artic temps].  This gem is neither too light nor too heavy and thus, the perfect layering piece.  The leather trim is on trend and makes the cape look uber chic and much more expensive.  The price tag won't kill you budget or drive you into hibernation, but I can't promise the same for the's just one of those things I can't control people.

tonight, tonight

Last night we threw Susannah a bridal shower that made sense [i.e. practical] and involved no awkward lingerie like ass-less chaps.  We got our nails did while drinking wine and chatting it up.  It was a great night, but tonight should be filled with dancing, drinks, and dinner [the triple Ds if you will].  After going to Miami for the bachelorette party, one of the junior bridesmaids [i.e. one of the moms] decided to throw a great shindig for the wedding.  The dress is "South Beach casual" which, as we witnessed, can go many different ways.  My friend Lindsey from Teach Chic posted a look that I actually already owned and planned on wearing tonight.  [side note...have you noticed that much like the syncing of your monthly visitor with friends that you also start to dress a little alike after awhile?  Too far?  Maybe it's just me?]  Anyways, here is my outfit for tonight!

The bride with another version of SoBe casual
[picture courtesy of our hostess for tonight]

Target Leopard Flats [no longer available]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

party on.

With a week filled with sure to be amazing parties and festivities for the upcoming wedding of Susannah and Alex, I've been eyeing some decorating ideas for future parties [just in case someone places enough trust in me to throw one].  With a diy filled world, the creative ideas are endless and the amount of choices are all swoon worthy.  I ran across the adorable and overpriced garlands from Confetti System and immediately wanted to incorporate one somewhere in my life.  Like maybe one day I'll like working so much that I have an office at home and can drape one of these adorable strands on my wall like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Otherwise, I would make versions of them for can't be that hard, right??

photos via Confetti System

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

braid it gurl.

I love a good cornrow braid.  Why you ask?  Because it is the easiest and prettiest way to tame the tresses.  Sleek or messy, it always looks stylish [and you don't have to deal with hair in your face].  Lately, braids have made a solid comeback and there have been TONS of different, creative ways to go about getting them.  If we're being honest [and what are friends if they're not honest?] I should let you all know that I know how to do none of these special, beautiful braids and I have yet to date someone that is borderline gay enough to be willing to braid my hair in all these crazy fashions [fingers crossed my next GBF is also a hair stylist!].  So, I have sported the original, non-French braid with multiple bobby pins for years.  It works, but I'm dying to try some of the new variations.  Luckily for me I now have the option to fly to New York and pay a minimum of $45 for someone to do it for me!  Or I could just study the crap out of tutorials here, here, and here.

photos via pinterest