Friday, July 29, 2011

Tibi Outlet

take note people!

hold the sleeves.

how reDONKulously chic is this Elizabeth & James vest. love.


It's finally Friday, after a week that felt [or was it just me hoping] like everyday was in it took forever. I pulled together all the DIY projects [the ones I could actually do on my own] that I wanted to take a stab at and think I'll be able to get a couple done this weekend. First on the chopping block is to make an old pair of jeans into cut-offs. Sounds easy, right? Leave it to me to mess it up. But I'll show all my progress and end results to you little nuggets!

So, back to what this post is REALLY supposed to be about...a great etsy find! Anddddd I have one for you! I saw these beautifully handcrafted pieces from HarLex featured on the homepage and ended up admiring them for close to an hour. The neutral colors translate into any lifestyle and are such a chic bonus to a person and ensemble. They offer cases for pretty much any apple gadget which, to me, fills me with ironic happiness [hello...such a classic, old world looking leather case with such an up-to-date electronic inside??] The pieces can all be personalized adding that much more classic icing on the sartorial cake. Yum.

photos via HarLex

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pippa to the tube!

Can't wait for the upcoming TLC documentary about Pippa Middleton to air August 9th! She'll be answering the questions that everyone has had at the tip of their tongues since she became wildly popular after the Royal Wedding [swoon].

photo via Fab Sugar

le Crew

I spent the morning in a doctor's office [later to find out my insane pain at the back of my tongue was none other than an "intense" ear infection that has spread...great] flipping through the latest J. Crew catalog. An easy way to ignore my somewhat sketchy surroundings, while simultaneously mentally spending my bank account away. Great combo people...comes highly recommended. Since le Crew's Fall line seems to be making my [and apparently the good majority of the blogging world's] heart beat faster, I thought I'd show you all what brought a smile to my face this morning while dealing with some questionable people with questionable insurance.

[in love with the richness of this green]

[the purple version is gorg]

[loveeee the back zipper]

photos via J. Crew

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

igloos lead to irrational thought.

Welp, as you can tell I'm ready for Fall. And since this makes absolutely no sense to anyone in the United States due to the unwelcome heat wave sweeping the nation, I have no justification for my wants and needs. When I wake up in the morning and bounce [roll] around my room trying to decide what to wear, sheltered from the true temperature that lingers outside, I could layer for days. Obviously, I also suffocate myself as soon as I step outside. But then, once I enter my office I freeze the ENTIRE day. Not kidding people, my heater is on. I would not be surprised if I had little penguins running around come August [and they would be welcomed with cartwheels]. So my delusional layering and dressing that makes it seem as if it's already Fall is somewhat just makes me look like a dumbass. Because of all of this, I've been looking [and purchasing] layers and items for the upcoming season already. AND since I know most of you will think I'm crazy for trying to push the beach and sun into the rear view mirror, I've put together some great fall pieces that are ALL under $50 [hooray for being cheap].

Fall Bargains

Fall Bargains by savvycheap featuring striped tops

Old Navy striped top
$35 -

Old Navy knit top
$35 -

Lace up top
£30 -

Old Navy sleeveless top
$29 -

Old Navy short coat
$31 -

Old Navy canvas vest
$35 -

Old navy
$35 -

Old Navy faded jeans
$25 -

Old navy jeans
$11 -

Old Navy oxford lace up shoes
$35 -

Old Navy bootie boots
$35 -

Old Navy rubber shoes
$23 -

Forever21 woven jewelry
$6.80 -

Forever21 geometric earrings
$5.80 -

Forever21 two tone jewelry
$6.80 -

Forever21 watch
$18 -

BOBBY heart beads jewelry
$1.50 -

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am absolutely in love with this outfit post from Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. For someone who lives her life "repelling members of the opposite sex" I would totally hit on her [outfit]. I don't swing that way, but this is some serious sartorial amazingness. If this is what man repelling looks like then I'm all for it [but hopefully it doesn't scare every single member of the opposite sex away].

Judith March

Judith March is a pretty well known designer here in the south. Her line is carried in most boutiques and is a one stop shop for cute, simple dresses. I recently went to an event at one of our local boutiques here in Atlanta and saw some of her newest designs that I thought were absolutely adorable. The dresses range from about $100-$150 give and take, but they're pieces you'll wear all summer and into the fall [especially for those of you that still make an event out of game day or the rest of the country that seems to be experiencing the heat wave that I like to call typical Florida weather]. JM doesn't have an e-commerce site [yet], so you'll have to locate a store from the list. Side note...this post's positive words are not directed at Miss March's Fall line. That I have no words for because it looks like it comes from a completely different designer...stick to summer. In the end, the good outweighs the bad, and that is something I can get on board with.

photos via Judith March