Monday, April 18, 2011

Tracy Negoshian

The weather is getting warmer, thus requiring the brightest and loudest clothing you own [well at least that's my opinion]. The prints and styles from designer Tracy Negoshian fit the bill and are some of the prettiest brights I've seen in some of the most flattering styles. Negoshian is an ex-Saks merchandiser that wanted to bring affordable, quality pieces to a bigger market. If you're a solids person or generally stay away from prints or bright colors try one of her darker combos or just suck it up and go all out. These are perfect for summer to slip on during the day or dress up for night time. I live in dresses [ piece of clothing so comfortable and easy for the lazy me]. The versatility should sell you, but if you're still unsure just know that when you wear one of these you'll be noticed [and even though I love her, not in a man-repelling way].

photos via Tracy Negoshian

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  1. My girlfriend Diana is the brunette model in these pictures! How CUTE are Tracy Negoshian's patterns! love love love.