Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy Feature Friday

Since love is in the air today I thought I would feature this adorable pillow from Yellow Bug Boutique. The Love Amour Burlap Pillow is so versatile for any type of design or color combination you have going through your room or home and adds a little sense of comfort. Apparently [according to YBB] the Amour on the flip side of the pillow doesn't just represent love, but also sexy time and all that it entails. Interesting. Kind of like a classier privacy door hanger.

photos via Yellow Bug Boutique


'ello govnah! Just like little Eliza Doolittle [well, maybe not AS drastic] Kate, or rather Catherine [is anyone else confused by the switch up with the "K" and the "C"?] jumped a social class, going from commoner to royalty in the most insanely gorg dress designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of fashion house Alexander McQueen. The simple statement she made with the gown and the little touches she insisted on makes me love KCatherine, the now Duchess of Cambridge, even more. swoon. But before I drift away into a sea of royal bliss did anyone else think Camilla was trying to steal Kate's thunder by wearing white???? WTF girl, WTF.

photo via E! Online

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kendra Scott Jewelry

I LOVE this lady's jewelry line. Ridiculously chic and elegant and reasonably priced for the quality of the beautiful pieces. NOT TO can design your own versions and purchase them instantly [with a choice of 20 different colors of gems and whether the setting is gold or brainer people this is amazing especially at no additional cost!]. Be sure to check the Daily Deals section for some great discounts. And as if that wasn't sufficient to get your digits clicking through the site, shoppers get 20% off their order if they sign up for email notifications.

[Lovely Laura owns these]

Brindle Earrings

Hope Pendant Necklace

Linette Necklace

Delia Necklace

photos via Kendra Scott

Blog Love

I fell in love with Atlantic-Pacific's leather pairings the other day. So effortless looking, while being completely bad ass. She has some amazing outfits that I would love to emulate if it wouldn't come with horrific stares from the male population at my office [therefore, these outfits are only debuted on the weekends]. Maybe I'll start taking half days in order to ensure an outfit change occurs and wander about town, walking like I'm royalty [#royalwedding...what??!!] p.s. that was the first hash tag I've ever used.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In honor of the ROYAL WEDDING

I thought we should address the amazingly crazy and unique fascinators and hats that will be seen on Friday! I, personally, am not in a position to wear these ornate noggin' pieces enough to get my money's worth, but if I did....I would go crazy for them! I think as a country we should start incorporating these into our lives [honestly, I saw some ladies at church on Sunday that missed the idea of such a great piece by a landslide, so there are obviously limits to everything]. Let's all enter our imaginary royal wedding and picture ourselves in these contraptions that make you look like you've [somewhat] lost your marbles....or royal jewels.

The Beautiful Bride to Be's Noggin' Adornments

And now some that you all can wear:

[the last one is what I plan on wearing as soon as I

receive the invitation-nothing like last minute]

Couture Derby Hat by Arturo Rios via Etsy

what i want now

this j.crew maxi is amazing. just enough comfort mixed with the plunging v-neck sex pot tendencies. swoon. so flattering, so reasonable, so perfect....need i say more? [now all i need is a discount code...]

Doria Dress

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mini people

is it just me, or do MK & Ashley Olsen look like miniature versions of their normal tiny selves? Maybe it's the picture, maybe it's God. Who knows, but I've been seeing mini-people around town lately [you know, those people that aren't short enough to be nuggets, but still not tall enough to get out of being legally allowed to have a handicap sign?]. New spring trend? [quite possibly too soon, since calling it a "trend" insinuates short-term or cyclical and these people are often in it for the long haul]. Ok I'm done...and so not PC.

iz gots more discounts!

Jewelmint [the one price jewelry site brought to you from Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter] has a discount code for their items for a short time...not sure when it ends...brought to you by the adorable Giuliana Rancic via her website FabFitFun. Whew....that was a long lineage line for a single discount code. The items are all priced at $29.95, but with the code FFF70 you receive 70% at checkout...aka $9 for the item!!!!

GO NOW my little shoppers.

not sure

if I love or hate this idea. I already don't particularly care for the ones at the airports, but these actually serve an informative service to those being scanned. MyBestFit will be seen in some malls [right now only Pennsylvania] to help shoppers find what size they wear at all of the different retailers. It scans the body [fully clothed thank the lord] and compares your measurements to the sizing guides the retailers have produced. Seems like it would a beneficial experience since it takes 10 seconds to receive the information and will end up saving you numerous dressing room runs. Oh, and did I mention it's free?? I'm just picturing the loitering men surrounding these devices hoping to sneak a peek and the amount of creepy that will be floating in the air [hands where I can see 'em!].

Oh look here's my scan...what did you say? Size sweet of you machine!


who doesn't love them? I've got two for you this morning from the great people at Calypso St. Barth and Saks Fifth Avenue!

Calypso is offering an extra 30% off sale items now through April 30 (Sat.) with the code SPRINGSALEB.

Saks Fifth Avenue Friends & Family starts today and goes through May 1st (Sun.) with the code FRIEND3.

Find some new things to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons and trips [or stay-cays with the looks of rising gas prices].

Monday, April 25, 2011

In exactly 2 weeks...

I will be heading back to Australia! GAH, I am BEYOND excited for this trip since I haven't been back in 5 years [I know that to those of you who have yet to make it this far across the globe, discussing my second trip may seem like a douche move, but I can assure you...I would gladly take you with me]. I studied abroad outside of Brisbane and made some of the greatest friends [which I will get to see again!]. I will keep you all updated on my count down of course, but am ridiculously pumped to shop over there again! The fashion is great...sometimes crazy, but always interesting. I still love the stuff I got from my previous extended stay and can't wait to stock up on more things, especially these suboo dresses!

outfit inspiration

two outfits that have inspired me lately.

Zoe Saldana in Dolce & Gabbana

[love the pop of coral with the leopard print-so fun]

Kate Moss in stripes and a cropped Chanel jacket

[I love the stripes and the color combo-pure classic, sophisticated bliss]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Etsy Feature [good] Friday

It's Good Friday and my employer is oh so generous and gave me this day to relax. But I would never forget to give you an etsy shop that interests me! I thought I would feature the shop that supplied my mother's day present. Bekah Jennings makes the most adorable holiday and celebration signs to hang anywhere in your house. My mom LOVES stuff like this that celebrates the holiday, but not with glitter and blinking lights [her home is country vintage with a true "homey" feel-i love it], so I knew she would love one of these signs.

Personally, I don't really have space to display stuff of this nature yet, but if I did I would buy all of them. Although, I am seriously debating whether or not to purchase the "congratulations" sign to display in my room. My thought is that I would see it everyday and high-five myself since it can serve as such a blanket statement. "Congrats on drinking that glass of milk" "Congrats on working out today" "Congrats on that great new purchase" "Congrats on that guy that hit on you last night, even though I'm a sign in your room, not at the bar, and I have no eyes"....ya know? Stuff like that. Maybe I should just get a customized one that says "winning"?

photos via Bekah Jennings