Tuesday, March 8, 2011


While the majority of the people that probably [fingers crossed] read this blog know about EmersonMade already, I feel like I've dropped the ball on showcasing the brand due to this assumption. Therefore, I will no longer keep this hidden gem a secret and let everyone benefit from my adoration. I love the classic silhouettes, simple pieces, and her adorable clutches and flowers. All in all, I want everything, but honestly, what's new? And since I still have the same bank account, but my wardrobe eyes keep getting bigger...I'll show you my favorites as of right now [fyi in 5 minutes when i do my 2nd mental round of favorites, I will add the remaining items and thus still want everything she makes].

Here's hoping sugar daddy numero uno spots me at one of the local jaunts ASAP and purchases everything for me.
[what is there not to love about this outfit...it screams spring
and coincidentally "you need me in your closet"]
[ I love everything about this mixture of patterns, not to mention all the navy]
[I'm obsessed with these jeans and how she pairs them with her flowy blouses
looks undeniably chic]
[this dress makes me want to wear red, which I never do]
[I have about a dozen dresses like this, but I would buy this in a
heartbeat-perfect base for shoes and accessories]
[oh yea, and this one too]
[this should require no justification]
[if you had to choose one jacket for spring, pick this one...the structure
and color are the perfect match for any outfit and weather]
[genius = the look of leather from the waxing technique, but minus
the bulkiness and price tag of leather]
[unavailable at the moment, but as soon as
this comes back in it has a one-way ticket to my cart]

photos via EmersonMade


  1. I LOVE emerson made! So much I love every single one of her pieces, even my way too small belt

  2. agree. it's a great brand. i love the energy!

  3. Love everything! I'm such a fan of the scallop skirt and soft blouses. Since you showcase cheap finds, i thought you might like this sort of similar version I picked up at Forever21:http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=btms&product_id=2000011447&showBACK=OK