Monday, January 24, 2011

One year older...Another list of wants.

I turn 25 this Saturday, ah it hurts to say [type] it, SO in honor of this day I will do something that makes it so much more you the things I asked for!

Clockwise [kind of]:

1. Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System
2. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Across the Universe and Today was a Fairytale
3. The handbag I lust for at the moment...The Lotus bag by OpelleCreative vis Etsy
4. L.L.Bean Coastal Rain Skimmers
5. Enzo Milano Curl Wand via Amazon
6. Tory Burch Sally Wedge in Tan [even though black is pictured]
7. Monogrammed Vintage Pajama Set from J.Crew
8. Leather Gloves by Portolano
9. Hunter Boots in Fuchsia

These are the other things I want/asked for that did not make the collage due to my impatience and low skill level.

11. Gilt giftcards
12. random trinkets

If you find yourself stumbling across any of these items and feel inclined to purchase them for me, please friends and readers, go with your gut. And if you are just a reader and not yet my true, life long friend, this is the type of thing that would persuade me to text/call/drink with you on the reg.

PTL-palm trees, tan, lilly

I have one, that's right, O-N-E Lilly Pulitzer dress and it's black, which I'm pretty sure no one knew existed. Palm trees, west palm swank, and the shiz they adorn themselves with is le lady lilly. This is not my typical mix of wardrobe, but when a good friend whose entire closet consists of this lady's cute pieces tells me she knows of a warehouse sale and the dresses are $50-$75 I'm interested. I scored TWO new dresses and I am happy as a clam. What I feel guilty about is that I'm posting this and I haven't found any places to buy them at in case you all wanted them. I apologize for throwing these new editions in your face, but think of it as inspiration.

Start the hating now.

Carly Silk Cotton Dress was $298, I paid $60

Mila Silk Maxi Dress was $428, I paid $70

Good news though people! The boutique I purchased them from has a facebook page that advertises their warehouse sales, so next time you won't miss out! Friend them and expand your closet.

I plan on wearing the maxi dress for Easter and all over Miami for a great friend's bachelorette weekend...obviously I'll be wearing it during the day because I can't promise myself through the drunken festivities that it will not get ruined.

Not sure where I'll be wearing the white one-possibly to my 25 year old Baptism since I am probably due for another....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baubles on the cheap!

Found a new cute website for jewelry that won't break the bank [always welcomed]...

It's called the BaubleBar and they offer two different lines of jewelry, the Trend Collection and the Classic collection:

Trend -"A new collection is introduced every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm EST and is available for 6 weeks, or until items sell out."

Classic- for those "Not ready to invest in fine jewelry but still want the look. Available 24/7."

Some I like from Trend:

Blue Mix Shape Drops

Emerald Double Drops

Rugged Amber Necklace

Long Purple Quartz Pendant

Topaz Loop Earrings

Milky Faceted Studs

Some I like from Classic [more dressy, more mom at a benefit gala]:

Antique Oval Earrings

Champagne Scale Earrings

Organic Shape Layering Necklace

There were others I liked, but I didn't have the patience to post them all, SO with that said go check out the website and purchase some goods to wear out, to work, and to grocery shop!

Friday, January 14, 2011

i'm creepy.

this is what i want my daughter to look like in 45 years when i'm finally fit to raise a child.

[Emmanuelle Alt, new Editor in Chief of French Vogue and adorable mini-me daughter ]

i know, it seems mean to place a non-existant human being in such a tiny, specific mold, but i'm not as vain and superficial as you think- it's totally ok if she doesn't have dark hair, there is always a hair salon around the corner. ok ok i joke [only about the hair color].


I have these booties from Anthro and plan to continue to wear them through spring AND summer...critics beware.

Newsflash-I don't pay attention to seasons and "store" clothes away when it is "not their time"...I say bullshit to that fashion industry. I will wear my white skinnies in the winter with boots and dark layers and I will look normal [subjectively speaking]!

With this being said, I plan on updating these vounderful boots with fun, bright colored laces, and lots of them. Honestly, this is the easiest [and cheapest] way to spice up the lovely things covering your feet.



ok, ok, so obviously these are the poor man's version of my vision, but only because i am the most impatient person ever and didn't want to wait for my laces to arrive to post the real deal.

if you disagree, so be it.

as my little, but oh so wise, brother always says, "hatas gonna hate."

The opposite of camouflage.

I may, or may not have purchased my new favorite flat for spring in the BRIGHTEST of all bright pinks! I am so happy when I wear neon colors because I can be found in the biggest of all crowds, much like a little kid at a theme park! The Ballasox flat from Corso Como has a built in "sock" so they don't rub against your feet and are more comfortable-aka sign me up. I have a feeling there will be more of these in my future...

with a pair of my skinnies, a printed scarf, and a flowy blouse...or this one with a couple more buttons undone [i kid].

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I don't care how many people think Rachel Zoe is loony...I...Love...Her. I live my extra slenderized life through her and have designer dreams regarding her fitting sessions. I purchased this faux fur vest from her QVC line last winter and am obsessedddd with it. It is 110% ridiculous and I look wayyy over the top wearing it, and yet I can't stop. Every time I have it on I manage to locate every mirror at my location and play peek-a-boo with myself from behind the large peter pan collar. Pathetic, but you'll find yourself petting it within the first half hour you have it on.

With this said, I wanted to grab her perfect beachy waves and kiss her on her barely there baby bump when I read she's introducing another new line the Rachel Zoe Collection. I wish I still got an would go straight to buying these pieces!

Friday, January 7, 2011

People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards were last week, I know this, but I have a life so I'm posting on it now. Deal.

Let's recap some of the fashion choices made by the people who should be able to afford to bypass what the f outfits...

At first I thought this was a big ol' jump from tween to "I have four grown children and refuse to admit it", but now, looking more closely, I see what Biebs sees in our little Selena Gomez and I applaud this growing sex pot.

I can't decide if this is spilt milk or a petri dish gone awry...but I also can't figure out if I like it.

Her sissy sported her new attempt to differentiate herself from the other two, but wasn't her height enough already? I love Khloe, but I never support going the faux ginger route [besides my friend Tippi, where there is no other option]

Now onto a human carrot. Seriously, I understand comfort, but there is absolutely no reason to do this to yourself. I accept the color, but the shape, or lack there of, makes it look like she has robot stilts that force me to prepare to catch her when she turns after taking this photo and eats the carpet.

Taylor, sweet Taylor. I like her simple style, although I know she gets torn a new one on Fashion Police. This is a dress I would wear though, it's sexy and sweet and if you're looking may, just may, be able to catch a glimpse of some lady parts! You're welcome male population, I know it was on your list of things to see.

sporty with a side of bad ass sexy time

We all turn to The North Face in these frigid temps to keep us warm and cuddly...put to emit sex appeal to the male species?!?!

Never saw it coming-and I love it!

Holy Molars Batman...Bring on the hook-ups because this little lady is going to be actin' a fool all around town sportin' this gem.

Buy, wear like model below, look like a bitch, repeat.

girl crush can pay our bills for a decade longer...

GOOD NEWS! My girl crush, ahem, Blake Lively, was just named the new "face" of Chanel. Therefore, I am equally as happy because this means she can continue to pay her [our] bills if the little bitch gossip girl tries to take her down again! Obviously, I would benefit more from this if we lived together in our little lessssbian bubble like I dream of [sans touching]. But until we are BFFL, I must congratulate from a distance...

Yes, I do know that I picked the most hot mess of a picture of my girl, but that is in and of itself a symbol of my love, through hell and high puff.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello World!

This post here marks my first intimate moment with all of you intangible followers [which at this time I'm pretty sure consists of my devoted friends who are, in fact, tangible], so without further ado I thought I would open this bad boy with recent purchases to visually explain my likes and what I break the bank for...

[Before I get to the pictures though I ought to let you in on a little somethin...I like "sales", "bargains", "discounts", "markdowns", and however else you would like to describe something that isn't full price. Don't get me wrong, I spend plenty of money on full price things, but find I can justify the purchase of anything on sale, be it from $500 to $250 or $5 to $4.99. With this said, I lust for the expensive, but until someone replies to my SWF looking for sugar daddy that doesn't touch or talk, I must deal with my monetary situation]

I prefer classic-not contrived, mixed with a side of bohemian and sex pot. This being said these are my recent purchases/gifts:

My new grey Pour la Victoire Dahlia Boots

No longer available- From ShuzSociety via ShopBop

Pour la Victoire sex pot wedges to wear with shorts and minis come Spring

From BlueFly

[Don't listen to the reviews-these bitches be bad]

To boost my, otherwise, monochromatic outfits and pet throughout the day I turned to my girl Tory, Burch that is.

Don't judge....shit's real rabbit

I plan on wearing the crap out of this with skinnies, flats, layers, and a scarf to top it off-scratch that I'll wear it with nothing and maybe these new little gems I found at Target

Leopard Flats
with the mini-wedge
to show toned ass

So, I must admit, I've purchased more things, especially more tops, but my arms don't work anymore from all the uploading. Not to worry, I always buy more things and those, my friends, will be uploaded with better pictures and outfits.

Oh, what the for good measure....groceries or this? decisions, decisions!